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Tour details for avid cyclists.

We are against all recommendations from LA to SF pedaled and imitators would advise against it. You should cycle to the South route of Nord. We had to fight some with very severe headwinds. In addition, the signs on the lot frequentierteren north-south route is better. We’ve lost the bike route several times and had to muddle through somehow.
It starts

Day 1 (10.14.2015)
We flew with Norwegian Airlines from Berlin (SXF) to Los Angeles (LAX). The wheels we could also book online for a nominal fee. The Chariot went as strollers also packed in a box for free with. Thanks baby it was quick as a VIP through passport controls. So we sat there 3 hours after arrival back in the saddle on the way to the nearby hotel.

Day 2 (10/15/2015)
With jet lag, we are up the coast cycled to determine that room rates were always higher. At the end we went back to Venice Beach in a motel. We would advise others to book immediately after arriving in LA for a hotel for 2 nights and to look at Venice Beach with its crazy people in peace.

Day 3 (10/16/2015)
Now the real work begins. We leave LA and cycle 19 miles Mostly plane to Malibu Beach RV Park (private & relatively high price). Lunch there on lifeguard tower next to the highway.

Day 4 (10/17/2015)
17 miles and 623 ft to Sycamore
Campground with idyllic Hike & Bike. It goes along a cliff and through a smart residential district. End of Day is a first bath in the ocean.

Day 5 (10.18.2015)
28 miles and 108 ft for Ventura Beach RV Resort, an expensive private campground. On the way there are local fruit stands with strawberries straight from the field. Talea gets paid a green Glücksbär from fruit seller.

Day 6 (10/19/2015)
16 miles and 210 ft after Carpinteria. We may only after 14 clock on the Hike & Bike. Until then we enjoy the beach and later there a stroll. Laundry is right next to a cafe with delicious fruit yoghurts.

Day 7 (10.20.2015)
33 miles and 942 ft to El Capitan State Beach Park. We have lunch in Santa Barbara. The Hike & Bike has fantastic views of the ocean. At night there’s the first raccoon contact.

Day 8 (10.21.2015)
13 miles and 577 ft after Gaviota State Beach Park (Hike & Bike). Although officially been closed we should stay as cyclists there. Again a great beach.

Day 9 (10/22/2015)
22 miles and 1493 ft (455 meters altitude) to River Park in Lompoc (nice Hike & Bike). We go first to the CA1 instead of 101. In the afternoon we spend in the South Side Cafe at Latte and Wifi.

Day 10 (10.23.2015)
29 miles and 1161 ft above a passport to Santa Maria. At the pass we get during our break a torch, a safety vest and arm warmers paid, as well as a range of accommodation for Guadalupe. Nevertheless, we cycle to the private Pines Campground in Santa Maria, where we camp next to a noisy GoCart conditioning.

Day 11 (10.24.2015)
21 miles and 249 ft (440 ft down) to Pismo Beach (no Hike & Bike!). For this is right on the campground an overwhelming dunes.

Day 12 (10.25.2015)
25 miles and 568 ft to Morro Bay Campsite. The Hike & Bike is so beautiful that we take a day off here.

Day 13 (10/26/15)
Rest day: Morro Bay is a picturesque village on a bay with seals and sailboats.
Day 14 (10/27/15)
26 miles and 810 ft to San Simeon State Park. We will spend the lunch break in the 18 inhabitants village “Harmony”. The State Park has, however, a nice Hike & Bike, which are closed due to lack of water showers.

Day 15 (10/28/15)
20 miles and 659 ft to Ragged Point. We see the Hearst Castle on the horizon, but without the five miles branch high in the mountains. After lunch overlooking hundreds of elephant seals wind freshens strong. In severe headwinds (40km / h) we are able only to Ragged Point, where we had a nice room for rent us and really delicious food to go. luxury
Day 16 (10/29/15)
21 miles with 2103 ft to Cirk Kreek Campground (Hike & Bike). Here you get no water, we note unprepared, but find nice campers that give us 2 liters of drinking water. Later Hannes discovered a cool creek to swim. The section is scenically enchanting and we tried a photo of our caravan with self-timer.

Day 17 (10/30/15)
29 miles and 2989 ft (almost 1000m) to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park (Hike & Bike). Lunch break we make in Julia Pfeiffer State Park Burn and admire the waterfall. Fairly broken by the many meters of altitude there is the best chai latte in Bakery Café / shortly before Big Sur.

Day 18 (10/31/15)
To escape the smoke in the campground and to shorten the distance tomorrow, we head off to Andrew Molera State Park. However, send them back to us, because “full booked” and so we cycle 12 miles and 80 ft completely in vain. At least the café in Big Sur gave us the day sweetened with a catlike Halloween waitress.

Day 19 (01.11.2015)
33 miles and 2520 ft to Monterey. We meet a contact Radel of BayBikes and sleep at the motel because rain is announced.

Day 20 (02.11.2015)
The rainy day off uses Hannes look for accommodation in San Francisco and I equip with Talea the Monterey Aquarium a visit.

Day 21 (03.11.2015)
30 miles and 300 ft estimated to Sunset State Beach Park (Hike & Bike). In less than halfway we take Road Angel Kermit, who supplied us with snacks.
Day 22 (04.11.2015)
13 miles and 686 ft to New Brighton State Beach Park (Hike & Bike) near Capitola. In the evening I am viewing dolphins near the beach.

Day 23 (05.11.2015)
Day off because we do not have 2 stages long before us. We learn too late that we officially allowed to stay here only 1 night, we have to strike the tent and build later.

Day 24 (06.11.2015)
31 miles and 1201 ft Camping Costanoa KOA (private & very expensive). A real break Recommendation is the Whale City Bakery in Davenport – Yummy !!!

Day 25 (07.11.2015)
26 miles and an estimated 500 ft to Half Moon Bay State Park. Here we get to know Megan. The village invites with many small shops to relax, but only 1 night on the Hike & Bike is allowed.

Day 26 (08.11.2015)
12 miles Pacifica according to the motel because of rainy weather. Pretty dismal place.

Day 27 (09.11.2015)
In the last 16 miles and 1155 ft to San Francisco we will yet again into a real downpour. Warming and arriving at the Beachside Cafe, Outer Sunnset. Then to our Airbnb in Inner Richmond (4th Ave / Anza). Done :-)))

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