Reading Mania

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The United States is a land of many words. How are you doing? How is your trip?So all the sets are for Hi, and do not want to answer. At the entrance to the supermarket, the sign “Please bring a bag” – the attempt to introduce the shopping bags again. Between the shelves category panels as in the German construction market. At the exit dumpster in camouflage with labeling chaos. The State shall exercise in collecting recyclable materials without appropriate symbol – or color detection system. I doubt whether all always read as decent or not but simply raise the next cover and get rid of it. Tablets lining the roadsides. One reads through traffic, about which we may Parking, which track turns that you have to stop that soon a traffic light comes, or even to keep in red. No symbols, correspondence, real reading. In the emergency then there abbreviations such as “PED” for Pedestrian or “XING” for Crossing or very aesthetically speaking “not a Drive Thru”. Perceived pressure reading – I do not want to miss the prohibition signs and end up as a cyclist on the hard shoulder-free Freeway yes. Side effect is a flood of information about, for example, local Subbotniks that entmüllen Highway and notably for perpetuating the “Adopt a Highway” -self allowed. Maybe that’s the real difference to communism: social commitment in exchange for giving variables names in public. Who would read even if there were road signs?

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