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The first encounter with a raccoon wasn’t a real one. In the morning we discovered that our heavy Ortliebtasche has 30 meters from the stage moves towards the bushes. The second contact was then already confrontational. The raccoon sitting on the “footlocker” – a wooden cabinet for storing the foods against Wild access – and tried to open the doors. A little aperture with the flashlight has expelled him. Contact Number 3 was already stubborn. “There’s a big shot in our pockets” I wake Hannes. In no time he’s awake and lightning outside. It rustles, it takes an animal snarls, I hear Fu├čtrampeln. As Hannes returns to the tent, he looks very happy. He tells of our rolled Ortliebtasche, the bags lying around, the abducted cereal and the two raccoons who just did not want to go. Neither flashlight even threatening occurrence has helped, but then finaliert Hannes: “I peed in front of their cave and which marked our territory”. Thereafter, the two raccoons had armed themselves; we could sleep. Unfortunately, not all that keeps us at the 4th Raccoon access vorm loss of our breakfast oatmeal. In Sunset State Beach Park Two raccoons have (they seem to work in teams) the food herausgefummelt through a gap of the sealed Foot Locker. Hannes So get out, scare into the cold raccoons, collect food, repack everything new lock and now barricaded by our wheels and of course final pee. After all, we had to actually do it with raccoons. A cyclist-couple from Canada a skunk has in the counter attack suddenly had in front of him and was marked olfaktorisch for the coming days. Since we had really lucky: o)

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