During the last days I hit the 10,000 km mark on a cycle trip again (whereof Jela and I cycled already almost 3,000 km together). Again, because nearly 10 years back I did my first extended cycling touring trip with Hannes, my brother. On that trip we achieved the 10,000 km after less then 4 month in Northern Mexico (see report here, unfortunately in German). Back then we already noticed how much “monotony, patience, ambition as well as love for cycling” is hidden behind that abstract number.
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The Otago Central Rail Trail

After retracing my steps that originally took me closer to Mt. Cook and another enjoyable day of cycling (with a nice little pass and free camping spot at a scenic lake) I finally reached the popular ‘Otago Central Rail Trail‘.  ‘Rail Trail’ might sound familiar to attentive readers since I already passed few of them in Victoria, Australia (see this post).
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Snowy Mountains in Tassie

During the afternoon and night I spent in the small village of Waratah (the nice petrol station operator let me pitch my  soaking-wet tent behind the building, public toilets as well as the post office providing a warm internet-room were nearby, too) I had plenty of time to think about the options I had considering the still diminishing weather forecast for the next 3 days; Continue reading Snowy Mountains in Tassie