Living Conditions

My parents recently ask for the living conditions (or better cycling conditions 😉 ) in Australia. Although its hard to judge after just a couple of days being here and even less days of cycling I just seize the opportunity having internet now to tell the few things I have noticed so far.

Since it’s spring here, the weather is quite changeable around Sydney ranging from chilly and rainy to sunny and relatively hot weather. But luckily, if raining, the rain will not last the whole day. Currently I am in the Blue Mountains (Katoomba) at a height of about 1000 m. Its windy and a bit colder than in Sydney. The temperature dropped to 5°C last night.

Traffic and settlement
If cycling on the back roads connecting only a few settlements-sometimes more than 50 km or more away from each other-the traffic is pretty low and I really enjoy riding on these roads. Even better are the gravel roads (one car each hour). But the cycling on the main connections can be pretty annoying, especially when many trucks are on the way and there is no or just a very narrow shoulder. Fortunately I have been cycling only for approx. 30 km under such conditions, so far. And one more thing: from time to time, especially in the morning when I enter the road the first time of the day, I’m still riding on the wrong side for a few seconds. How embarrassing 😉 …

Yes, Australia is a little bit more expensive than Germany, especially in restaurants, little shops, accommodations etc. In terms of food, however, one can still live on a pretty cheap basis if using the big supermarkets. My favorite market, to be honest, is Aldi. For just 20 AUS I was able to buy food for more than two days of cycling 😉

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