I am a US-rookie.

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I was prepared for the States, on the entry survey, that that everything is “oversized”  – the language, people’s bellies, the campervans.And yet there are always times moments that turn me America into a strange world: a dog leash tagging along beside his master in the electric car – Gassi passage for thick rich. Or the smoothie from “non-fat yoghurt” with “cream on top”. One must apologetically say that the supermarket shelves almost spit out only non-fat dairy products and you will literally find it needs to make a yogurt cup with content “from whole milk – European style” to get hold of. The price is then equal to the next shock – $ 5 for 500g. Healthy Eating is in California a question of money and thus become almost a status symbol. Where we are on the subject of money: I am here to collect “Quarters” – the only coin that will allow us access to showers and washing machines. The rest of the small money you can donate safely or even throw away – at least bear witness to the latter option, the numerous archaeological finds. Oh America – too much and too little at the same time.

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