Go East

Admittedly, the transition from the Cradle Mt. National Park to the east coast, via Delonaire, Launceston and Scottsdale, was not really exiting. Neither was it absolutely boring. Just the right mixture to enable a good progress for there wasn’t much distraction. I can lively imagine that Jela would have noticed at various occasions, “Well, it’s just like the Black Forest.”. And, if looked at it from the distance, she would have been right with its idyllic curved hills, densely covered with trees, here and there pastures with grazing cows and the winding road right through. But a closer look, of course, reveals the jungle-like forest, dominated by Eucalyptus trees.
And, if gone through, the Black Forest wouldn’t end at these beautiful beaches like the famous ones on the east coast (it’s a pity that the water is way too cold). Thanks to the hint of another cyclist from Switzerland, 2 years on the road (www.ptitb.net), I spent my first night at the east coast at a pretty beach with the sounding name “Bay of Fires”, named after the fires of the Aboriginies. But I wouldn’t have been surprised if the name arose from the numerous blazing red and yellow boulders (the colors are due to lichen) along the beach.

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