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A green VW bus at the roadside and an enthusiastic waving man with green and white beard Foschbasecap stopped us. Kermit presents itself to us before his bus Kermi. He is overjoyed that we stopped and he cyclists must provide them with homemade cookies and energy bars us now. We enter into his list of statistics and the German number 17 & 18th Kermit is actually called Paul and the States has repeatedly by cycling. Now retired, he is passionately every Tuesday from 10-14 clock roadside of Pacific Bike Route and returns what he has to support given time. While Talea puppet Kermit cuddles and admires the beard of the great Kermit stops the next cyclist. Denni’s like we died Arte in LA with target SF. What confused me is his luggage – a plastic box on the carrier holds a bag with everything in it. I understand slowly what Hannes thinks so when he says Europeans traveling “overequipped”. We are therefore of the SUV among cyclists travel.

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