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One way coach rolls on the campsite, the small private car rolls coupled afterwards. The so-called RVs dominate the picture and stand with water and electricity supplies to their paid places. The accompanying wooden table with bench is lovingly covered the BBQ with tablecloths and then the family sitting at fire comfortably together – just camping. The surrounding “private” lawn is not needed and is a type guarantor distance to the next RV. Whimsical there when we arrive at the weekend on a such a camping and are rejected with the message “sorry, we are full booked” is. My German eye can not comprehend. Everywhere-free lawn and there should be no place for our tent? Where should we go? We cycle over the square, but also do not trust us with the RVs to ask whether we should place ourselves on their lawn. After all, we have a small early birds there. Our last hope is the camp host, an ambitious pensioner couple who cared for the place. We are lucky and meet a very sympathetic couple that gives us a few phone calls a footprint. We build our tent and Hannes asks “How must it be for the Americans in Europe to stumble over tent ropes?”. But mostly it is quite easy, since the courts have a Hike & Bike Option for as sweaty cyclists. That is an idyllic area in behind the last corner of the campground where we apiece sleep one night for $ 5. Often only 1 night is allowed, because the homeless, as we ride along the coast or even on foot hike the Hike & Bike seats used for a legitimate discount Rast. Sometimes, however, are joined also after dark little ragged tents to us who have disappeared at dawn. On our last night we also want to pay homage to the American Camping tradition with a fire. The bundle of wood from the camp host contains large thick logs and a large butter firelighters. It smokes. After 2 hours the first warming flames. We realize why the 100 fires in Pfeiffer State Park us would almost choked: the fire containers can be simply too little air to the flames. So we burn incense tent and clothes again properly by before we return to the city.

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