Baby on Board

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“You have a lot of load … Hang on – Is there a baby inside Oh my god!”

We trigger astonishment, fascination and rarely worry. Many offer us help and so there were even two lucky charms for our trip: a green Teddy for Talea and later a protection bracelet with the words “A friend gave it to me, but you need it more than I do”. Even the fabric of our “Baby on Board” mark we have been given by someone who had driven us to the loved one directly by car to his house to entertain you with us there. But we want our wheel is not loaded on a pickup, but struggle itself. Taleas smile sells the skepticism and curiosity takes over the call. From where we started, where it is going, like traveling with child. We reap many “wows”. Especially Talea gets through her smile a great response with “what a smiler!”, “You look so happy” and “cute girl”. Talea is our travel chief. It determines when we get up and when we losradeln. Also break requests are articulated unmistakable. We adjust our planning to their rhythm, superior to what nice place we could make it to the lunch break and give everything when she falls asleep in the trailer – just do not stop, go through to the target. We have learned and try everything to spend neither milk nor winding break on the hard shoulder of a highway. The sobering balance days are then a maximum of 50 km or more of 25-30 km. We are slow. So slow that we drive every campground and every bakery here. For us oncoming trip cyclists we mutate into a source of information – we were everywhere, thanks to child.

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