An Ordinary Day of Cycling

After more than 2,5 months traveling whereof most days I spent cycling, a certain daily routine is unavoidable. The spare time I currently have here in Melbourne while waiting for the departure of my flight, I’d like to use to describe an average ordinary cycle day for those who are not familiar with cycling touring.

You can picture it like this:
Usually with the sunrise I wake up and start to get ready for another day of cycling. This involves having breakfast – often in the tent, when its still to cold outside (breakfast might be sometimes oats, cereals, toast with marmalade or other spreads, or maybe just cookies) -, packing my stuff, putting down the tent and attaching everything to the bike. The whole process takes less than an hour, usually. But if in a hurry (for whatever unlikely reason), I can easily reduce it to just 10 to 15 minutes; from sleeping mode (enjoying the warmth of the sleeping back) to cycle mode (on the bike with all panniers and stuff attached).
Now, cycling, for hours, in average about 4-5 h of pure pedaling per day. Of course, not without having some breaks in between, for a snack, or sometimes to cook in the early afternoon. The only worries are where to get water (usually tap water from gas stations, public toilets, sometimes streams, and many other sources) and food. And yes, worries about the weather, but that’s beyond my power.
Usually after about a 100 km or in the early afternoon, 4 to 5 pm, I am getting tired of cycling and start looking for a nice place to pitch my tent that is usually found within half an hour.
Setting up the tent and everything just takes 10-15 minutes again. Consequently, plenty of hours of “quality time” 😉 remain that I use (sometimes) to cook, to fix/clean/dry some things but mostly to read (how was I ever able to travel without an e-reader??), write diary and study the map. Finally, with the sunset, I am getting sleepy … Good night.

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