The Americas – TraumTreter

together  from Aug. 2005 to Sept./Okt. 2006

Can you imagine to spend more than a whole year with your own brother in closest proximity and at the same time cycling more than 25.000 km? We could not fancy such an adventure either and, hence, carried all basic equipment twice, which Americaturned out to be a pretty good decision. Because our relation was tested not only once on that memorable 13-months journey from Alaska to Patagonia.

Mainly following the mountain ranges towards the south, crossing passes with more than 4500 m, we experienced the great variety of the breathtaking Cordilleras and got unforgettable impressions of life stories and cultures of the continent.

The stories and photos about our first extensive adventure can be found at (unfortunately in german, except the pictures ;)).

Hannes and Martin
Hannes and Martin