2 out of 27

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This is the amount of truly perfect days under Talea’s diktat – 2 out of 27.

But that is also the number of nights we have recorded our jet lag wake daughter in shift change. And one more thing, adds Hannes: 2 out of 27 days we had a gentle breeze in the back and in 2 of 27, there were fierce headwind. So much wind that we had to kick down and have been repeatedly blown uphill in what felt like a standstill by bicycle. But back to the point: So what a perfect cycling day out with an early bird child? 5.30 clock acoustical alarm and faster to handle thermos and milk powder before the entire campsite awakens. Then populate Talea with warm sweater and a further 30 minutes until sunrise in the tent play on. Talea pleased on being outside and crawls enthusiastic about the campground. Hannes makes breakfast, Ellen grabs the tent together content, Talea packs the bags secretly again, Hannes and Ellen eat Talea kleckert, Hannes degrades tent, Ellen washes, Talea needs a fresh diaper. Until all bags hanging on the wheels, it is 8.30 clock. Perfect time to start at about 11.00 clock the wind will freshen. Until then, we want to have more than 50% of our daily stage behind us. So we struggle over the next 2 1/2 hours by an idyllic landscape and Talea sleeping in trailers. Perfect is the day when the lunch break at a friendly place crawling with Latte, Chai and delicious food takes place. At the top of our list is the Whale City Bakery in Davenport, as well as a table in front of the supermarket with salad from the deli counter is welcome. We recharge your batteries and Talea ensures an intense entertainment. One of us is always running behind Talea and makes sure that everything she gets between her fingers back to its place of origin finds its way back. We get for our parental behavior also direct feedback from other guests. A woman speaks to us impressed “Is that your first? You are very relaxed.” A second praises “You are seeking great parents. You let her explore what she is interested in.” Talea has dirty hands, dirty knees and all smiles. Other guests radiate back and we even hear “you have to take as a model American parents”. We ponder what we do so differently and especially about why Talea is maintained despite pink bodysuit for a boy. From our perspective, we do nothing else than our German friends with children. For a comparison with America is unfortunately a lack of volunteers, there are simply no toddlers on the go. Hannes reserves time and route in mind and we object to 13.30 clock for the second stage. Cycle again 2 hours while Talea falls asleep from uniform jolting her trailer. Ideally, she wakes up only at the campground Checkin. Expertly built Hannes up the tent, Ellen feeding Talea, then give tent, showers, cooking, eating, washing up. 17.00 clock is sunset, which we want to enjoy sea views. Although Talea like our headlamps, but little impressed by crawling in the dark. Either the campground has a nice cafe or we run around for 2 hours in a tent around. And then at least our child adopted while we squeeze into the dreamworld us in the warm sleeping bags, plan the next day and listen to the surging waves. A perfect day! 2 of 27 flat. On the other 25 it somewhere clamped in the end

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