bg_bikeThe world is always open, waiting to be discovered. And we don’t want to let it wait too long.

2 – We are 2 brothers (Hannes and Martin) born and grown up in Leipzig, Germany, and early experienced the joy of travelling thanks to the restlessness of our parents who took us already in our youth to many remarkable places all over Europe. After leaving home, of course, we can’t get rid of this habit and still love travelling, no matter if these are short trips or they are lasting for months.

2 – We are preferably enjoying our trips on 2 wheels, i.e. our bicycles, for a more intense experience.

2 – Last but not least, a journey done 2-gether, with a brother or sister, a friend, a boy- or a girl-friend, is way more attractive than doing it all alone. Because to be able to share ones stories is almost of the same importance as the journey itself. Thus, sharing our stories is the purpose of this website. Have fun!

For a quick guide please check out the list containing many of our trips we’ve already done.